(Cook Islands) Palau President Surangel Whipps Jr. arrived in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, yesterday to attend the 52nd Pacific Islands Forum Leaders Meeting.

Some of the important issues to be discussed at the meeting include:

Endorsement of an Implementation Plan for the 2050 Strategy for the Blue Pacific Continent, Climate Change, including a Regional Framework for climate mobility, Legal establishment of the Pacific Resilience Facility and adoption of a Declaration on the Continuation of Statehood in the Face of Climate-Induced Sea Level Rise, Nuclear related issues and Labour mobility and security issues

Whipps has previously declared his interest in promoting the Blue Pacific Prosperity Plan for 100% managed oceans and seeking financing for its implementation. It is also expected that the Memorandum of Understanding between Palau and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat moving the Office of the Oceans Commissioner to Palau will be executed at the meeting.

The Micronesia Presidents’ Summit will also take place on Monday, November 6th, prior to the opening of the 52nd PIFLM meeting.

Whipps is attending the meeting with Minister Gustav Aitaro of the Ministry of State and Minister Steven Victor of the Ministry of Fisheries, Agriculture, and Environment.

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