President Surangel Whipps Jr. called for bold and concrete actions to address climate change impacts in Palau and the world at the 79th Session of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in Bangkok, Thailand, yesterday, May 15, 2023.

With the theme “Accelerating climate action in Asia and the Pacific for sustainable development,” the 79th ESCAP session seeks to bring Asia-Pacific member countries to address climate change cooperatively.

Using the Palauan legend of Ebud, of the obedient and disobedient sons, to make a point, Whipps said that everyone must heed the warnings and work together to address the threats of climate change otherwise, all will be doomed.

“Our survival is no longer up for debate.  Let us work together in an equitable, ambitious, decisive, and inclusive manner.  We can not be divided, we need to all be like the obedient son.  We must heed the warnings.  We must be prepared, and we must take collective action,” expressed Whipps of actions to address climate change impacts.

Whipps recounted what Palau has done and is doing to address the impacts of climate change.  This includes working with partners to develop renewable energy infrastructure, relocate facilities like hospitals and schools away from vulnerable areas, and build shelters and seawalls to enhance resilience to climate change.

To protect the ocean, the largest carbon sink, Whipps said Palau had made policies to ban deep sea mining, bottom trawling, and protecting whales, sharks, and other vulnerable species.  “However, this cannot be done in silos.” 

Whipps stressed, “We MUST work together and take BOLD steps toward low carbon, climate-resilient future that leaves no man, no woman, no nation behind.”

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  1. President, please bo bechei a ua climate change e momdasu er tial kmal merenglang el cheral a kall , kar, ralm, ma dengki. A kot e mesa elsel Belau!!!

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