Vice President J. Uduch Senior

President Surangel Whipps Jr. last week called Vice President J. Uduch Senior out on the number of “concerns” his office has on the performance of the Ministry of State’s (MOS) duties and responsibilities.
In a July 5 memorandum of the President to VP Senior, said the letter serves “to respectfully convey several concerns of the Office of the President in several areas.”
President Whipps in the memorandum said that the MOS, which the Vice President also heads as minister, should take corrective measures to remedy the concerns raised by his office.
Whipps said the MOS has been providing his office “incomplete or vague” information regarding Palau’s bilateral and multilateral relations.”
Whipps also reminded MOS that it should be able to ensure proper circulation of records, being the “appropriate home for the official records of the government.”
“Based on observations and experiences, records circulation to different offices has been inconsistent since the earliest months of this administration,” he added.
The president also called out the Ministry for implementation of “inconsistent protocols.”
In the memo, Whipps cited his Taiwan trip in March and the preparation of the Japan- Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM9) which manifested the ministry’s lack of preparation for failure to give his office complete information.
“In each instance, OOP received strings of emails with incomplete information and the OOP staff scrambled to produce the work needed to participate in the events. This caused confusion and frustration,’ he said.
The president said, in the future, he “hoped” to be briefed days ahead by the MOS officials of any meetings.
The President also raised the issue of the MOS’s failure to terminate the lease agreement of Palau’s EU mission, despite the closure of the office, which has resulted in arrears in the amount of $18,000.
“This inaction is adding an unnecessary financial burden on our economy at a time that we cannot afford it. I am profoundly disappointed in this and strongly recommend corrective actions.”
VP Senior said her office will send a response to President Whipps memo yesterday. A copy of the response has not been obtained as of press time. ( B. Carreon)

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