People need to know who they are. They also need to be reminded who they are,ļ frequently, by those who love them, and really know them. And they need to repair, to achieve wholeness in a fractured world. It takes belonging to a community. It takes a whole lot of work in the area of maturity. It takes God’s hand to boost people when they are stuck and it takes a lifetime. (James Friesen, et al).

It’s about living from the heart Jesus gave you.p – Dr. Dallas Willard

What is my heart?

Heart is your eyes for seeing spiritual reality (Ecclesiastes 11:9), literally it’s the eyes and ears that know God. So we love God with all our heart, and mind and soul. Heart is the place where understanding resides and is the origin of spiritual discernment (knowing without knowing how and why). Living  this way integrates the soul, where the feelings are, and mind, where the thinking takes place, making us whole. (FRIESEN & et al).

Many of us are quietly suffering  somewhere deep in our souls for feeling we don’t belong. We need healing of the wounded hearts. TRUE healing and repairing can only be done by the one who designed our hearts.  We need a new heart. We need GOD.

We do get a new heart that’s tender and loving when we believe in Christ. Then it is developed to maturity by our power of choice to feed our hearts with his word…  good things full of love and forgiveness.

A daily feeding of love and kindness, forgiveness and gratitude.

Have a good week.

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