Time is running out to save the natural habitat of Solomon Islands wildlife, a scientist who spent the last 13 years documenting it says.

Small islands on Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands. [restrict]

Patrick Pikacha has just finished a new book Shore to Shore Wildlife and Landscapes of Solomon Islands which he hopes will convey the importance of protecting the country’s endemic species.

The government’s pursuit of economic gain through extractive industries like logging and mining had been severely mismanaged resulting in widespread damage to much of the country’s natural environment, Dr Pikacha said.

But there was still hope of saving some of it if action was taken now, he said.

“We sit on the equatorial belt and so rain forests are able to regenerate really, really quickly compared to other parts of the world but the opportunity is getting really, really slim,” Dr Pikacha said.

“And we need to act now in terms of managing these last native, untouched areas and hopefully allow logged over forests to regenerate.

“Otherwise it will be even more disastrous.” (radionz.co.nz/international/pacific) [/ [restrict]