October 5, Koror, Palau – The 2025 Pacific Mini Games Organizing Committee is thrilled to announce the winners of the Logo and Theme Contests, showcasing the creative talents of our community.  The logo contest received an impressive total of 30 individual artworks submitted by 15 talented artists, showcasing the rich diversity of creative talent within our community. Meanwhile, the theme contest saw 9 individual theme proposals submitted by three candidates. The contests ran from June 23 to September 25, 2023.

Logo Contest Winner – Ms. Janine T. Tewid’s winning logo design for the 2025 Pacific Mini Games captures the spirit of Palauan culture and the values of unity and exchange. Her creative vision incorporates the following elements:

The logo concept revolves around the traditional bai, a culturally significant structure in Palau. The bai symbolizes the essence of Palauan culture and values, serving as a space for unity and exchange, embodying Palau’s role as the host country. There are 22 triangles on the bai representing the 22 member nations and territories of the Pacific Games.

A prominent yellow circle within the design represents the moon, a symbol deeply ingrained in Palauan identity and featured on the national flag. This lunar motif influences various aspects of the Palauan lifestyle.

Incorporated into the design is the blue squiggle and three dots, which is the Pacific Games Official Logo that depicts the ocean and people, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the Pacific peoples and the essence of unity and connection across the Pacific’s three regions: Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia.

A distinctive element is the abstract brown shape reminiscent of a canoe, evoking a sense of journey and exploration across the waters. It moves harmoniously within the endless circle, mirroring the voyage towards Palau for the Pacific Mini Games in 2025.

These chosen colors pay homage to Palau, mirroring the hues prevalent in bai architecture, Palauan arts, and the national flag.

Theme Contest Winner – Ms. Zina Ngeream Ringang’s winning theme, “Empowering Unity,” captures the essence of collaboration and teamwork. Her description of the theme resonates deeply:

“Empowering Unity” is all about the power of being together. It’s akin to when a sports team works as one to achieve victory. People and groups can accomplish remarkable feats when they join forces, much like athletes overcoming tough challenges together. This idea emphasizes perseverance, just like teams never give up, no matter the obstacles. In sports, each player brings something special, and communities can do the same by uniting for success. Picture life as a grand game, and when we all play on the same side, we all succeed and leave a legacy for the future.

The theme contest winner, Ms. Zina Ringang, is awarded $500, and the logo contest winner, Ms. Janine Tewid, receives $2025, symbolizing the year 2025 when Palau will host the Pacific Mini Games from June 29 to July 9.

Presenting the awards were 2025 PMG Organizing Committee Chairman, Dr. Patrick Tellei and PNOC President Frank Kyota, accompanied by Palau’s Pacific Games Chef de Mission, Alonz Moses, PNOC Office Manager Marcy Andrew with 2025 PMG Media Committee Representative, Olkeriil Kazuo.

The 2025 PMG Organizing Committee thanks Talungab Media Company (TMC) for providing video coverage of the awarding event.

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