WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Director Josephine Ulengchong reported yesterday that she has 10 days to report to US federal government and to request additional funding for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance.
In August, WIOA reported that they only had $4 million remaining from the initial $14 million grant received from the United States CARES ACT. $10 million has already been disbursed to the eligible applicants and there are four more months remaining.
Director Ulengchong reported that over 1,000 applications were received and they have disbursed funds to nearly 900 people. She added that there are applications still pending which once completed and approved will need to be paid.
$4 million will not be enough to carry on to December and Director Ulengchong said that she has been informed by DOL that she can report and submit her request for more funding within the next 10 days.
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance funds will end on December 31 and the eligible persons are Palauan citizens, citizens of other FAS countries and the US citizens.

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