A 67-year-old Southern California woman was arrested this week after cops say she beat to death another woman in her 60’s in a park.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested the unnamed suspect Thursday in Compton after homicide detectives learned deputies were dispatched to the location in response to a “Woman not Breathing” call.


When they arrived they found a 63-year-old black woman lying on the ground and unresponsive.

According to a LASD press release, detectives discovered that a group of women were at a local park when the suspect became annoyed with another woman who she thought “was too loud.”

Detective believe the argument quickly became physical with both punching each other and one being hit with a cane.

Both women ended up on the ground and continued to fight, cops say.  The 67-year-old suspect then got up and walked away while the other complained she could not breathe.

The victim was transported to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The 67-year-old suspect was arrested and booked for Murder at Century Regional Detention Center where she is being held in lieu of a million dollar bail.[/restrict]