The Risel Belau, a women’s group that is pushing to strengthen Palauan culture and tradition, expressed concern over Palauan children who do not know how to speak Tekoi era Belau (Palauan language).

Risel Belau chairperson and Senator Uduch Senior said in an interview with Island Times that the children of Palau nowadays mostly speak in English.

“It was felt [by the group] that if we do not make sure that our children know the language then we [will] really lose our culture and our Palauan-ness,” Senior said.

The Risel Belau is a group of women that gathers once a week at the Ernguul Park to discuss pressing issues in Palau and how to help address them.

According to Senior, the group urged her to help them set up a meeting with the Society of Historians, an organization that is comprised of experts on Palauan customs, and also with the Palau Historical and Cultural Advisory Board.

The group had met with the Society of Historians on June 17 at the Belau National Museum to also commemorate the Belau Day. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)