Judging others does not define who they are. It defines who you are.  ~Wayne Dyer

I was thinking “triggers” and why we are easily triggered. This morning an incident could have easily triggered me into a crazy raging maniac. However, shame and fear of being flawed didn’t shake me. Of course I was sad but I didn’t let it destroy what I have worked so hard, to name each wound and present them to my LORD and God, my wounded Healer (to heal). Henri Nouwen  called Jesus Christ, our wounded healer.  He was wounded physically, emotionally (he was scorched, betrayed and abandoned) With his heart broken where the spear pierced his side and blood and water gushed out and flawed. The crown of thorns tore into his skull and bled. His hands and feet nailed to the wooden cross. He knows exactly what you’re going through.

I thank my God for healing those deep wounds of my youth that were easily triggered because of shame and fear. The fact that the “I’m flawed and imperfect” has left my head and moved down deep into my heart and soul and changed me deep within – renewed mind and soul.  In accepting and admitting my humanity and all the dark alleys of my journey have integrated my person.  Yes, the lights and shadows have integrated. It took a lot of forgiveness and hard work. Yes I’m saved by grace and sanctified by works. It’s like God rewired my brain because I asked Him. Now I’m thinking differently.  Ngmla mo me mechubs meng ngdiak le mederai.

Another amazing thing that Jesus taught his students and friends was: “Do not give what is holy to the dogs and do not throw pearls to the swine or they will trample them under foot and turn and tear/maul you.” (Matthew 7:6).  Jesus appears to be warning his disciples to share the good news only before receptive audiences.

Don’t worry about the Smear Campaign, people will always talk and project their anxieties on you. Let go and let God.

We can’t change people. It’s really up to them to change.  Once you know you’re loved and forgiven things will begin to turn around for you to live the best version of yourself for a time. Then comes another issue, another layer, to deal with which you are ready to face and work it out with God and forgive yourself.

Always focus on the bright side of things. Forgive the dark side. We all have them.  LORD what we know not, teach us. What we have not, give us. What we are not, make us. For Your Son’s sake. Amen.

Remember me loving you ❤

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