Yapese citizens celebrated their special day Yap Day with colorful traditional dances, special demonstration of loom weaving and coconut husk rope making and many others. With borders closed, Yap citizens couldn't go home at this time and celebrated their day in Palau. (story on page 2) Photo credits: Stanley Magholyalor

Yap citizens in Palau got to celebrate Yap Day for the first time in Palau last Sunday, at Long Island Park, in Koror.
The day, celebrated every March 1st in Yap by the people of Yap and normally joined by many Palauan government officials and dignitaries, was not possible this year because of COVID.
Over 200 Yapese nationals and their families raised funds this year to organize their own Yap Day celebration in Palau.
The event featured many lively features and unique traditions of the people of Yap. There were different dances such as marching dance, stick dance and standing dance, dances that are performed on the main island as well as those from outer islands of Yap. Other unique features demonstrated included loom weaving, rope making from coconut husks, marmar flower making and basket weaving.
The event also showcased different attires worn by Yap people as well as competitive games of coconut husking and coconut grinding.
Stanley Magholyalor said that they now plan to hold the event every year. He expressed his appreciation to Koror State government especially Governor Franco Gibbons for allowing their use of Long Island Park and helping to provide tents and benches for the event. Koror State usually sends a delegation to Yap every Yap Day.

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