In the article titled, DISCIPLINE is  NOT PUNISHMENT, July 7, 2022, the second to the last paragraph, third sentence should read “I have to feel safe doing what I was born to do – EXHORTATION.” (Not exportation).

To feel safe is where you’re not shamed, belittled, or  unappreciated. You’ve heard the old proverb: “Familiarity breeds contempt.”  Those who know you extensively or in close association with you tend to have no respect for you. They make you feel worthless. You are precious to the One who created you because of love.0

To create a safe place is by setting personal boundaries.  With a gate where you allow entry or not. A house without a door encourages people to walk in and raid your liquor cabinets, get drunk, eat your food, and throw up on your beautiful carpet. This is why personal boundaries are so important. To keep someone or something out of your life, to maintain your inner world in balance.  Joy and Peace in the mids of the storm. 💖

Ronald Reagan was asked, “How do you balance the budget?” to which he replied, “It’s like protecting your virtues, you have to learn to say no.”

To balance your life begins by setting boundaries of your soul –  your emotions, your mind (thoughts) your freewill. You learn to say NO, to protect and preserve your values, you’re virtues, your true self, your inner child. Balance cannot be achieved if you remain bitter and resentful. Forgiveness is the key to healthy boundaries.

Forgiveness also requires Grief work. Especially people like me who were made to believe that they were bad, defective, or  misfit, not belonging –  toxic shame  that we were aaWORTHLESS.

The term ‘grief work’ is known as the process of putting your grief into perspective and finding a way to work it into your life as you heal from your loss. It requires actively mourning your losses and working through the pain and suffering associated with grieving. You mourn your lost childhood. You grieve the loss of your parents who were emotionally or physically absent. Without grief work, forgiveness will be incomplete. Jesus knew how to forgive, how to pardon us through suffering. So we must absolve the cost of our losses. Set them free and throw away the key.  And don’t just rush through it. Grief is like a river; you can’t dam it up, you can’t make it go faster. You just have to allow God to take you at his pace. There’ll be times when you just have to let him carry you when the white water is frighteningly turbulent and frothy.  When you are afraid.

God, help me set my boundaries even if I may have to stand alone. Teach me to love myself. Teach me to trust that You’re never far away. Amen. ♡♡♡

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