November 13, 2017 (Koror, Palau) The young Palauan Olympian swimmer, Noel Keane, who got seriously injured in a traumatic car accident last week in Ngardmau, is currently undergoing surgical care at Shin Kong Hospital  in Taiwan and is fighting like a champion to overcome his painful ordeal.

According to reports from his family in Taiwan, Noel is fighting serious infection to his wounds and is undergoing constant surgery to clean his wounds of debris before major surgery can be done on his broken bones.

“Unfortunately Noel is having a very rough, painful and scary time right now,” said his dad in the report of his progress.  “We know he is a fighter as proven by the fact that he is still with us this very moment.”

His family said prayers and continued outpouring of positive support and love is giving him the strength to fight through the difficult time he is in at the moment.

His relatives and friends held fundraiser on the day he left to help with expenses and raise over $10,000. A GoFundMe account was created to help raise funds for Noel’s medical care.

Last week, a car he was in driven by a Masami Asanuma hit the safety rails on the Compact Road.  According to reports, it took an hour to remove him from the tangled metal pinning him to the rails.

Noel Keane has been competing in swimming competitions since he was a kid and since then garnered over 20 medals in various competition as well as set swimming records for the Republic.  He is the son of Dermot Keane and Kauderael Keane. (L.N. Reklai)