2023 Youth Day Coastal Cleanup

A Youth Day Coastal Cleanup at the Koror State RISL was held on March 11, 2023 by the Koror State Youth Division and Koror State Youth Council. A total of 160 trash bags (each carrying up to 33 gallons) full of marine debris were collected at Ngereblobang Beach Area. A total of 58 youth, including hamlet representatives and proxies, took part from Dngeronger, Ngerbeched, Medalaii, and Ngerkesoaol hamlets. After the trash removal, the youths traveled to Ngeremdiu for lunch, with a brief presentation on recycling and trash segregation by Koror State SWM, and a Youth Day Message from Legislator Alonz Moses and the proxy for Ngerbeched Hamlet Singe Hideos. After Ngeremdiu, they relaxed at Milky Way for a while before returning to the Koror Ranger Dock at around 230 p.m. Our youth coastal clean-up was a great success because of partnerships and collaboration. We value the support, donations, and contributions from Governor Eyos Rudimch, Koror State DCLE, Koror State SWM, Office of the Governor, 12th Koror State Legislature, Sam’s Tours, Fish’n Fins, Daydream, Palau Community College, Nemo, and MHHS. HAPPY YOUTH DAY!”

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