Peoria Poich Koshiba, coach and recent women’s track star for the Palau Track Team, hosted an event to raise youth and health awareness this Youth Day, especially targeting females to participate in the events.

When asked why she targeted females as participants, she said, “I want all females to participate in my events because, for one thing, being a coach for many years, I rarely have females, and when doing female relays I am unable to form a team due to lack of people. Second, it’s a big concern for most women here who are going through obesity with some underlying conditions, and this is a great way to have them participate and feel good about themselves.”

Tino Faatuala, a dietician at Belau National Hospital, delivered an informative presentation with statistics on food intake with nutritional value, and five major non-communicable diseases associated with the food we eat. His purpose was to share a message with the youth that, to surpass the expected lifespan, 58 years for men and 67 years for women, they have to eat the right foods.

The Youth Day event at Track and Field started with a 5k run from the track to the President’s Office in Meyuns, followed by Mr. Faatuala’s presentation.

Yesterday’s run drew 85 participants, most of whom were locals, along with a few non-locals. Conductors of the event were the track members and Coach Poich, along with Ngeuakl for technical setup.

Palau Youth Day falls on March 13th .

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