Student participants of the interscholastic youth forum and organizers on the campus of the Palau Mission Academy.

An interscholastic youth forum was held on May 12 and brought together over 50 students from Palau High School, Belau Modekngei School, Palau Mission Academy and Midzenty High School.  The forum presented a unique opportunity for the students to engage with their peers and discuss modern youth issues and opportunities for growth and development.  Following the theme, Purpose Driven Youth, a facilitation team gave the students a platform that encouraged in-depth and open discussions.  The objectives of the forum were, to establish a partnership platform with youth groups to expand opportunities for development and growth; to develop a communication network to increase access, especially to under-represented and at risk/vulnerable groups; and, to establish a mechanism that fosters an integrated approach across programs and efforts that target youth groups.

The students responded positively in a post-evaluation exercise and found the interactive discussions meaningful.  Outcomes of the discussions will be used to inform project development and activities that focus on youth groups.  The youth forum was organized in partnership with the Belau Independent Interscholastic Athletic Association and the Sons of Sureor and was held on the campus of the Palau Mission Academy.  The forum was made possible through a grant from the Republic of China and the Palau Small Grant Program for, A Kot a Rechad er Belau – Ensuring Our Safety and Security.  Additional support was provided by the Australian Embassy, the Embassy of the Republic of China and Talungab Media Company.

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