Ypang Seinendang er Oreor donate to Palau Conservation Society (PCS).  The traditional women’s group headed by Waisang Fritz Mariur presented the monetary donation to Palau Conservation Society’s Executive Director, Michelle Ngirutang.  In giving their donation, Ms. Mariur expressed, the group does not always have money and that they primarily rely on their membership dues to fund their community activities and donate to worthy community organizations they believe in, such as PCS.  Ms. Ngirutang expressed gratitude with the women’s group and uttered the need to further work together with community women’s groups such as the Ypang Seineng to promote environmental messages and practices.  The Ypang Seinendang er Oreor is a women’s group that was created by Bilung Maria Gibbons and Dirrulngai Ucheliei Gibbons which brings in all women of Palau living in Koror to be able to engage in civic activities, support each other in times of need, and promote Palau’s culture and traditions.  The women’s group’s trademark is Ypang Seinendang er Oreor di ta er Belau, meaning Ypang Seinendang er Oreor is only one of its kind as a traditional women’s group that brings in and unites all women of Palau living in Koror.  The group is always recruiting new members.  If you are a woman from another state in Palau but you live in Koror, you are always welcome to join Ypang Seinendang er Oreor.  You can simply contact Waisiang Fritz Mariur to find out who your hamlet Kambung is to learn more about the organization and become a member.  Every hamlet in Koror has a Kambung who represents all of the members from each respective hamlet.

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