Koror, Palau โ€“ The coming storm didnโ€™t stop Dngeronger Youth Group (DYG) and Ucheliaur Organization from enjoying a weekend full of exploration!

Throughout the weekend of December 10, 2021, youth from Dngeronger Hamlet of Koror and Ucheliaur Organization of Angaur joined together to explore Palauโ€™s rich biodiversity. In the end, the youth were able to build data through uploading their own personal observations using the iNaturalist App.

โ€œCitizen Scienceโ€ is community driven research done by people that are not professional scientists. Since October of 2020, DYG has been actively participating in citizen science through the iNaturalist app. The app is a great tool that can be used to understand the rich biodiversity of species that can be found throughout Palau. DYG was able to successfully train and teach outside of their own group on how to build data through citizen science.

Ucheliaur Organization received an informative iNaturalist workshop on the night of December 10, followed by a full weekend of exploration to practice their skills. Exploration sites included Ngardok Nature Reserve in Melekeok and Mesekelat Waterfall in Ngchesar. The rest of the weekend was spent at Ngiwal Coco Beach in Ngiwal, where the youth rested and uploaded their observations to iNaturalist.

With gained knowledge on citizen science, Ucheliaur Organization is excited to practice the iNaturalist app in Angaur where they will continue to add data and make new discoveries.

PCS would like to express its sincere appreciation to the following people who made the trip possible, namely Andrea Naviana, Bibbie Kumangai, Oโ€™Keef Kokichi, and Weber Santiago. We would also like to thank DYG and Ucheliaur youth for participating!

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