On Thursday July 23, 2020, the PPUC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Greg Decherong awarded the students with a certificate of completion for successfully completing the six-week internship at PPUC as part of the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs MCCA’s) 2020 Competence Skill Learning Summer Employment Program.

At the ceremony, students were given an opportunity to share their experiences and what they learned during their time at PPUC. Mr. Trace Tuelbang, interned at the Water Operations Department and shared that water treatment is not as easy as people perceive it to be. He also learned good work ethics. Mr. Tewid Tewid who worked at the Power Distribution Division (PDD) said he can now name all the electrical hardware from the top to the bottom of a power pole. Ms. Maggie Jonathan and Ms. Phyla Wasisang both worked at the Accounts Payable section of the Accounting and Finance Department and both mentioned that they learned a lot about the process of getting vendors paid from invoicing, preparing documents and checks, and doing bank runs.

CEO Decherong congratulated all the students and closed the ceremony by giving them words of encouragement to pursue their education and consider STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) as priority fields. “Palau needs YOU, young people to run its utility company so please continue your education whether at PCC or overseas but remember to come back home,” CEO Decherong added. PPUC would like to congratulate all the students: Chavez Chiba, Joyce Kyota, Meu Masayos, Dansam Ramarui, Tewid Tewid, Ally Tadao, Maggie Jonathan, Phyla Wasisang, Trace Tuelbang, Alfons Roberto, Louch Ngoriakl, and Mallen Moros. Good luck on your future endeavors!

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