January 11, 2018- This week, a team from Japan volunteered to assist with the medical services at the Belau National Hospital. Two dentists, Dr. Satoshi Tajima & Dr. Mikio Ozawa, and an orthopedic doctor, Dr. Taku Yoshida, spent three days providing medical consultation at the Dental Clinic and Outpatient Department (OPD). Dr. Tajima & Dr. Ozawa conducted a number of dental examinations & procedures while Dr. Yoshida consulted with patients about muscle & bone-related ailments.

The dentists also provided a Continuing Medical Education (CME) Session for the Ministry of Health (MOH) Oral Health Team. The session focused on periodontal treatment guidelines for dental caries, or methods of treating teeth greatly affected by cavity infection. Last year in March, Dr. Tajima and Dr. Ozawa had visited Palau to provide oral health services as well as donate dental equipment to the MOH Oral Health Division. This year, they also donated dental equipment courtesy of the Yokohama Tsuzuki Rotary Club in Kanagawa, Japan (listed below).
The MOH Oral Health Team and the Belau National Hospital would like to express their thanks to Dr. Tajima, Dr. Ozawa, and Dr. Yoshida for volunteering their time in order to assist with medical consultations at the hospital. We greatly appreciate your input and willingness to improve the healthcare services of Palau. Thanks is also given to the Yokohama Tsuzuki Rotary Club for its generous donation of dental materials.
The mouth is the main entrance for bodily nutrition. If your mouth is unhealthy, it will effect other parts of your body. The community is encouraged to make appointments with a dentist—at least every six months—for regular check-ups and cleaning. It is always best to practice proper oral health hygiene & prevention rather than waiting for your condition to get worse before seeking medical assistance. Take better care of your oral health. SAVE YOUR TEETH!
To make an appointment for a dental check-up, please call the MOH Oral Health Division at (tel): 488-2440 or 488-2342.
List of Dental Equipment Donated by Yokohama Tsuzuki Rotary Club of Japan with donated Item and Quantity.

root ZX mini (morita) (2)
root tip picks#1S (YDM) (1)
root tip picks#2A (YDM) (1)
root tip picks#3A (YDM) (1)
surgical retractor downward curve S (YDM) (1)
surgical retractor downward curve L (YDM) (1)
wind road H1 (yoshida) (1)
wind road H1 CT kit (yoshida) (1)
SAFORIDES 38% 5ml (Beebrand Medico-Dental) (2)
Sam-Friend #23 (sam) (3)
Total Value: $2,837.00 [/restrict]