On January 9, 2018, Surangel & Sons Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Surangel Whipps Jr. and JICA resident representative, Mr. Nobuaki Miyata, joined Palau International Coral Reef Center’s (PICRC) board members in unveiling the newly renovated Outer Reef Tank at the Palau Aquarium.  The Outer Reef Tank is the biggest tank at the Palau Aquarium and one of its most attractive display.  Surangel and Sons is a sponsor of the outer reef tank. 


In addition to sponsoring the Outer Reef Tank, Surangel and Sons have been dedicated supporters of Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) for many years, donating to the Arts & Tides Calendar since 2006. During the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Whipps provided Surangel & Sons donation of $10,000 to sponsor the outer reef tank.  “We want to participate in caring for the environment,” expressed Mr. Whipps at the unveiling ceremony. “I believe that begins with education.”

In August of this year, Palau Aquarium underwent a restoration with help from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Through their support, the restoration of several tanks including the outer reef tank were made.  In addition to the renovation of aquarium displays, the seawater and electrical systems were updated and modernize.

Last year, 718 students were provided a guided tour of the Palau Aquarium by PICRC staff, while 469 students visited on their own without any guided tour.  In addition, 780 Palauans that are not students visited the aquarium.

Visit the Palau Aquarium today to see the newly restored tanks, the new Palau Conservation Milestone Display and experience the impressive marine life found in Palau.  In celebration of PICRC’s 17th Anniversary, Palau Aquarium is offering free admissions to all Palauans and residents this month.  [/restrict]