It was a productive and insightful summer for the latest recipients of the PNSB Palau Fellowship Award, who were able to return home and undergo 8-weeks of internship experience with various national and local agencies in Palau.  One of the recipients had remained in Taiwan, where he attends college, and completed his internship with the Embassy of the Republic of Palau to Taiwan. Overall, these summer interns were able to gain firsthand experience within the Palau working field, as well as get involved in some of the ongoing major projects in Palau, such as the Palau Tax Reform.

As part of PFA internship program, the PNSB hosted a Forum for all 15 summer interns on July 28, 2022 at the PCC Assembly Hall. This was a 2-hour Forum from 9am – 12pm, during which each summer intern got to present on their internship experience to an audience consisting of their supervisors, mentors, leaders from OEK and other members of the community. The interns were fortunate enough to receive valuable advice on that day from guest speakers, Minister of MHRCT&D, Mr. Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl and former PNSB Student Network Specialist and now Professional Career Advisor, Mr. Noe Yalap. This was also an opportunity for these students to enhance their public speaking skills, and market themselves to potential employers.

As this summer is coming to an end, most of these college students have completed their required internship hours and will be returning to school abroad to complete their senior year in college. There were 5 recent graduates amongst this group of interns including, Ms. Madrey Polloi (BBA in Marketing and Management) who will be returning to school to pursue her Master’s Degree, and Mr. Elangel Mesubed (BSS in Diplomacy and International Relations) who is in Taiwan and plans to continue working with the ROP Embassy to Taiwan. The 3 other recent graduates, Ms. Dirngulbai “UB” Misech (BS in Exercise Science), Mr. Tibey Ongalibang (BS in Computer Information System) and Mr. Ethan Techitong (BA in English Language), have decided to remain in Palau and seek job opportunities that will help them gain some experience and contribute to Palau’s development within their field of interest.

To learn more about the Palau Fellowship Award and how you can apply or become a host employer for an intern, you may contact Student Network Specialist, Ms. Morisang Udui at 488-3608 or email

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