By Rhealyn C. Pojas


The Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that two medical missions by separate entities will be conducted in Palau for the month of June.

 A medical team from Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (SKH) in Taiwan will be coming to Palau to conduct a medical mission that is focused on nutrition, gastroenterology (digestive system/stomach), dermatology (skin), and cardiology (heart) starting June 4 until 15.

The team from the SKH will also conduct a clinic at the Outpatient Department of the Belau National Hospital (BNH) and outreach missions among community health centers outside Koror such as the West Community Health Center (WCHC) in Ngeremlengui State, North Community Health Center (NCHC) in Ngarchelong State, the East Community Health Center (ECHC) in Melekeok State, and the South Community Health Center (SCHC) in Peleliu State.

MOH also reminded patients to first undergo pre-screening with a gastroenterology specialist before havin endoscopy.

To make an appointment for a pre-screening, patients are advised to contact the BNH Outpatient Department (OPD) at 488-2555.

Meanwhile, the second medical mission will be conducted by the Canvasback Missions, Inc. from June 15, 2018 to June 29 and it will focus on Ears, Nose & Throat (ENT).

Patients are also advised to conduct pre-screening before seeing the specialist. For the pre-screening appointment, patients are also advised to contact the BNH Outpatient Department (OPD) at 488-2555.