18 January 2017- At its initial meeting for 2017, the membership of Palau Organic Growers Association (POGA) held its meeting and elected New Officers to guide the association for the coming year.

Elected to Office:


President Faustina Rehuher Marugg

Vice-President Thomas Taro

Secretary/Treasurer Carolyn D. Ngiraidis

POGA is a Non-Profit Corporation, chartered in the Republic of Palau on March 22, 2011. POGA’s mission is to be a resource center that promotes organic methods and techniques to facilitate sustainable growth and development of Palau’ agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries and food processing sectors to increase local food production and consumption to meet domestic market demands and reduce Palau’s dependence on imports.

Six program areas which emphasis will be placed on are;

  1. Brokerage for Agri/Aqua – linking supply & demand 2. Central Marketplace – build, operations & management
  2. Outreach/Education/Awareness – social marketing
  3. Policy and Certifications – developing organic certification systems, setting standards, etc.
  4. Data Management – GIS, agriculture census, market info, etc.
  5. Organizational Effectiveness – administration, sustainable finance, etc.

Furthermore, POGA will continue to work closely with Bureau of griculture, under the guidance of Director Fred Sengebau to promote collaboration and expertise.

Open to anyone wishing to join the organization, $20.00 annual membership dues and attendance in monthly/special meetings is the requirement. Contact anyone of the officers or call 488-3400, Palau Chamber of Commerce and leave your name/contact information. [/restrict]