2,784 people tuned in to watch Koror State Gubernatorial Q&A Forum held on Wednesday night by Palau Media Council.  The 3 media broadcasting outlets, Palau Wave, TMC Palau, and OTV Broadcasting live-streamed the event on Youtube and Facebook. Radio and television audiences from both Palau Wave and TMC companies are not included in the above count.  The event is expected to reach more people as the 3  broadcasting companies continue to run the program for the next 8 days.

Responses from audiences were positive, although most of the audience present were there rooting for their candidates. 

On overall performance assessments of candidates by some of the participants present were mixed.  “I would rank them with Adachi and Eyos tied for first and Alan and Franco for 2nd,” said one observer.  Another said, based on questions picked, Adachi had a good draw and showcased his experience better while another said Marbou’s answers were more structured.  Other comments said Eyos had a playbook ready for every question while Franco’s responses were direct and humble.

Five candidates to the Office of Governor of Koror State are vying for the Primary election on September 28, where two top vote-getters will be placed on the ballot in the upcoming 12th General Election of Koror State, to be held on November 12, 2021.

The four candidates that joined the Q&A Forum are seasoned Koror State politicians.  The oldest Yoshitaka Adachi, is a former two-term Koror State Legislator and former three-term governor Koror State.  Eyos Rudimch was a former two-term legislator and in both terms held the position of Speaker.  Franco Gibbons, an incumbent governor running for his second term. was also a former legislator of Koror State. The youngest, Alan T. Marbou, is the current Speaker of the 11th Koror State Legislature.

The questions raised at the Q&A fell into 4 areas of concern to the people of Koror, economy (under current pandemic conditions), urban development/leases, social issues, and government services improvement.  Questions picked randomly by candidates revealed the depth of each candidate’s knowledge, perspective, and position on a particular issue and help to expose each candidate to the 5,700 plus registered Koror voters.

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