Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NEA) and Customs agents seized a woman, Ms. Sayuri Okada after her arrival on September 6 UA flight from Guam and found 4.5 grams of suspected methamphetamine “ice” drugs inside her hair “scrunchie” after conducting a secondary search on her.

According to NEA Office Nicholas Aquino Jr., one of the assigned NEA agents to screen incoming flights, they noticed on the flight manifest the name of the passenger who is considered “high risk” due to a history of drug smuggling.

Ms. Okada was asked to undergo secondary inspection which, according to the police report, she willingly agreed.  After checking her clothes and luggage, she was asked to remove her hair “scrunchie”.  The “scrunchie” which usually looks like rolled-up fabric, was cut open and a small clear plastic bag containing a crystalline substance was found.  The crystalline substance weighed 4.5 grams and was found positive for methamphetamine after a field test.

She was read her rights and taken to the hospital for further search.  The search yielded no other items.

She was charged yesterday by the Office of Attorney General on two felony counts, Trafficking a Controlled Substance and Possession of Less Than One Gram of a Controlled Substance.  Trafficking carries a penalty of not less than 25 years jail sentence if convicted and a fine of not less than $50,000.  Possession of More Than Once Gram of a Controlled Substance carries a minimum jail sentence of not less than 15 years and not less than $10,000 if convicted.

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