Mrs. Dixie Tmetuchl, a businesswoman and wife of former Senator, will begin serving a 3-year jail sentence for drug charges this month according to multiple reliable sources. The case against Mrs. Tmetuchl was filed in May of 2019 but was sealed from the public by the court. To date, the case is still under seal by the court.

Details on the charges are not known due to the sealed nature of the case but sources say that defendant Tmetuchl was charged on drug-related charges and accepted a plea agreement from the government on a lesser charge.

The case was filed before the law carrying harsher penalties for trafficking and possession of controlled substances was enacted, and therefore the defendant can be eligible for work release after serving 6 months of her jail term.

The question of why this particular case was sealed but other drug cases were not, the response from the Office of Attorney General stated back in 2019 cited Rule 50 of the ROP Rules of Criminal Procedure that reads, “A party seeking to file under seal a pleading, motion, document, or exhibit must file a written motion for leave to do so. The pleading, motion, document, or exhibit thereafter may be filed under seal only if the court so orders.” In other words, the attorney for Mrs. Tmetuchl filed a motion requesting the court to seal the documents of the case and the court approved it.

The court has yet to unseal the case but information received by Island Times says that Mrs. Tmetuchl will report to Koror jail on September 27.

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