This past weekend,a total of 3 car accidents occurred, however no fatalities were reported. All the accidents happened at different times and locations.

The first accident occurred around midnight on September 12th in front of Seventh Day Adventist Office next to West Office Supply. The driver was speeding with his vehicle and crashed into a street light pole in front of the SDA Office.

The car was completely smashed at the front, however the driver only sustained minor injuries and ran away from the scene. The police chased him down and caught him. Aloysius Alonz, Director of Bureau of Public Safety, said that driver just recently got out of jail.

While the second accident occurred early Saturday morning. Two cars that were headed in different directions collided in front of Meyuns Mart. Director Alonz reported that one of the drivers of the car is a police officer and he was off-duty. Director Alonz went on to say that initial reports stated that the police officer was at fault, however the case is still under investigation.

The third accident occurred on Sunday early evening at Ngchesar. The vehicle with four people inside went off road and landed directly on a forested area. The victims of the car crush requested for an ambulance and upon arrival they were then taken to the emergency room. None of the victims have told the police who was the one driving.

It was unclear if the victims were under the influence of alcohol and the Bureau of Public Safety is said to be working to get a medical report that will show the injuries they sustained and if they had alcohol in their system.

None of the victims of the accident are in the emergency room according to Director Alonz.

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