Two Japanese tourists including a Japanese Dive Guide had been rescued by the marine law officers in a two-hour rescue mission after they went missing at around noon of Tuesday, August 14, while going on a dive in Peleliu Corner, a dive site known for its strong current.

Marine Law and Enforcement Acting Chief Victor Remengesau told Island Times in an interview that 15 people were deployed on board a small patrol boat and another search and rescue unit after the Bureau of Public Safety got a call from Peleliu Divers Company to report the incident. Personnel from the Pacific Mission Aviation also helped in the rescue.

The personnel from the dive company immediately alerted the authorities after the three divers failed to resurface from the sea on expected time.

By the time the rescue team reached the scene, the dive company had already found one of the three divers. Not too long after, the rest of the missing divers were spotted two miles Southeast of Peleliu Corner.

Remengesau said that all of the rescued divers sustained no injuries and went back on Peleliu island safe and sound. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)