On October 23, 3 new JICA Volunteers arrived in Palau.

Mr. IDEI Tadashi will work for enhancement of math education in George B Harris Elementary School. Ms. TAKASE Chisato will cooperate for improvement of Physical Education in Koror Elementary School. Ms. DODO Maiko will support math education of lower grades and music education in Melekeok Elementary School. 

The total number of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCV) who are working in Palau is now 19. The number has reached more than pre-COVID era, and is expected to increase more until nearly 30 in the next year. In education sector, which is the biggest recipient of JOCVs, 10 elementary schools have already received JOCVs. JICA Palau Office is preparing to dispatch JOCVs to all the public elementary schools in Palau except for some remote islands.

The JOCV Program in Palau began in 1997. Since then, 294 Japanese volunteers (JOCVs) have been dispatched to Palau. JOCVs have been highly recognized among Palauan people for their contribution to the development of the society and human resource in Palau through the grassroots activities. There are many Japanese nationals who are inspired to contribute to development of the world where there is a great need for JOCVs.

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