Rain, winds, mud, and long treks from cars to the Olchotel Belau Fair venue did not stop the crowd from flocking to Ngmall, Ngardmau, yesterday to participate in the 21st OBF and the 2022 UN Day celebrations.

Cars lined up nearly a mile from Ngmall, the OBF venue, and the young and old walked to and from the fair in the rain. 

One of the biggest events held each year after the Independence Day celebration, Palau communities join OBF to showcase traditional and cultural performances, products, and food.

This year’s theme, “Belau a di imong”, translated as Palau is one, was demonstrated with the signing of the Demakeuikl Declaration, an agreement between the west coast states of Babeldoab to work cooperatively in their conservation measures.

The OBF celebrated with the UN Day, brings in the diverse ex-pat community in Palau, adding variety and color to the event. 

The annual UN Day Parade of Nations had fewer participants this year but still had a good show of the countries present.

Rain poured nearly the entire day yesterday, but each State continued with its performance, and people mingled, watched the performances, and walked between booths looking for food and other items to buy.  The atmosphere was festive despite the weather.

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