The House of Delegates has transmitted to the Senate for consideration and action a proposed bill that will regulate the use and possession of airguns within the country.

House Bill No. 11-17-1S stated that air guns can threaten public peace and can be dangerous if not regulated, which is why the bill is seeking that registration of air gun possession should be registered.

Under the bill when approved into law, airguns possession are unlawful without first obtaining a permit.

Those who already possess airguns prior to the enactment of the law have six months to register or obtain a permit.

A person under 18 years old can also possess an air gun but under supervision of an adult.

A person can’t transfer an airgun to the possession of another without the proper permit.   

The Minister of Justice will be the one assigned to promulgate the rules and regulations for the law, and will be responsible for the issuance of permits for air guns. 

A registry of permits issues will be maintained by the agency designated by the Ministry of Justice.

The bill said all guns unlawfully possessed will be forfeited and any persons who do not have a permit and possess an airgun will be guilty of misdemeanor and will get a fine of $500 

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