34 participants are set to compete at the bench press weight lifting competition this Friday September 18th at Sureor Gym in Meyuns.
According to Gym Beriiwz Asanuma, staff member of Sureor, bench pressing is a popular workout among the gym tenants. The popularity, utilizing the equipment in the gym, and promoting good health were the reasons why the competition was put together.
Asanuma say that the number of competitors was more than they anticipated. “We only expected 8 to sign up” said Asanuma.
The competition consists of 28 males and 6 females who will be competing for the prizes from Sureor Gym. A male and female winner will be selected for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
For the 3rd place winners, they will win a 1-month free membership. Then 2nd place winners will win 2-month free membership. Then first place wins a 3-month free membership along with a trophy.
The competition will start at 6pm and will be held until 10pm. This will allow contestants adequate time to lift, to take breaks, and ensure safety.
They will also start a bench press club at the Sureor Gym. This club will recognize individuals who show exemplary talent at bench pressing and to motivate them to reach higher in their ranks.
The competition is open to the public to witness.

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