Following the Chelitakl and Chesols competition, the Palau Parents Empowered along with the Health Care Coalition are launching a Mask Making competition targeted to Palauan citizens ages 55 or older.
Palau Parents Empowered Executive Director CiscaMoreiMisech said that they wanted to include the elderly Palauan citizens since the Chelitakl and Chesols competition are catered more towards the youth.
This competition aims to promote community awareness, preparedness, and awareness in response to COVID-19 pandemic.
The final face mask product should meet the following specifications: it should completely cover the nose and mouth, fit snugly against side of face with no gaps, have 2 or 3 layers, and must be a breathable material. Prizes include a sewing machine, airtime, and goodie bags filled with various items.
People interested have until September 25th at 5pm to give their entries to Luanne Marcil at the Emergency Health Office located near WIOA Office at the lower side of the Palau Community College campus. Palau Visitors Authority has also teamed up with the Health Care Coalition for the latest COPE Challenge. The challenge is going on its 3rd week and requires a person to share their do’s and don’ts to stay prepared during the pandemic. The ongoing events and contests are part of the National Preparedness Month activities. These are aimed at raising awareness and preparedness of the community in time of national emergencies or disasters. This year, due to the current national health emergency declaration, most of the events are focused on COVID-19 preparedness.

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