About 200 gross grams of methamphetamine was found. Authorities say the street value is about $400,000.

Four people were arrested on drug trafficking charges after two people tried to smuggle methamphetamine into Guam through a commercial airliner.


A magistrate report says that Breanne Scully acted strangely as she was passing through customs. During a search, customs officers found about 400 grams of the drug ice in her luggage and in her purse wrapped in saran wrap and condoms.

Officials say the drugs have a street value of $200,000.

Scully then turned in her traveling companion, David Michael Sare, and told authorities that he purchased the drugs from a source in the mainland and that they were supposed to sell it to a “TJ.”

Authorities then set up a sting operation at a hotel where they arrested Timothy James Duenas, who was identified as “TJ” and Ryan Christopher Mesa. Police say all four suspects admitted to their role during an interrogation.

Scully was charged with possession and importation of a schedule 2 controlled substance on board an air craft arriving in Guam.

She and the three others were also charged with a number of other possession and conspiracy drug charges. Guam News [/restrict]