Four out of five official contenders for the position of Koror State governor in the upcoming Primary Election on September 28, 2021 will face-off in a Questions & Answer Forum conducted by Palau Media Council on September 15th, 2021 at Koror State Assembly Hall.

The Question & Answer Forum will allow the candidates to answer questions on matters pertaining to Koror State Government and its impact on the citizens of Koror State.

Questions which are being solicited from Koror voters will be consolidated, simplified and sorted into four thematic areas, Economy, Government Services, Urban Development/Housing, and Social Services.  The questions will be Koror-focused and candidates will pick questions randomly and address each one within a 2-minute time frame.

The Palau Media Council organized the event as a means to bring candidates to one platform, enabling them to address key issues of interest to Koror State voters, and allow voters to evaluate the candidates on a more equal stage.

To bring the candidates to more voters, PMC engaged 3 television and radio broadcasters to help broadcast the event to more people across different media platforms, radio, TV, YouTube live and Facebook.  In addition, the event will be covered by 2 local newspapers and a regional reporter.  The program will be broadcasted on TV, radio and social media platforms continuously until the day before the primary election as means to reach and educate as many Koror citizens and voters as possible.

Questions to the candidates can be sent to Palau Wave Radio, TMC, OTV, Island Times and Tia Belau and must be submitted no later than this Friday, September 10th.  Questions may also be emailed to

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