Seven new law enforcement officers were sworn-in yesterday during the Police Formation and Oath Affirmation Ceremony.

The new officers are Humio Kebekol, Carson S. Olkeriil Jr., Joseph Junio Humio, Benedict Kintaro, Jason Bells, Ngirutang Ngiraremiang and BJ Mettao.

Law enforcement officers from various divisions took part in the Formation Ceremony where Vice President of the Republic and Minister of Justice J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior gave the welcoming remarks to the officers followed by words of encouragement and support from former U.S. Marine and current Paramount Chief Reklai Rafael Bao Ngirmang.

Officers from US Koa Moana team were present as well as members of President Whipps cabinet, Minister of State Gustav Aitaro, Minister of MPII Charles Obichang and Minister of HRCTD Ngirai Tmetuchel.

Families of the new officers were also present to give their support to the new officers. (By:

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