Office of WIOA reports that 51 unclaimed checks issued before June 22 are still pending unclaimed at the WIOA.  Due to confidentiality requirements, WIOA cannot reveal who the checks are for but individuals who have filed for claims before June 22nd and have not picked up their payments, can check with the office.

Meanwhile, WIOA Interim Director Omdasu Ueki clarified that the earlier reported delay of 10 days, is in addition to delays that the program was experiencing before the June 22nd temporary office closed-down.

“While we are trying to catch up on current filings, we are also working on previous filings going back as far as March and April of this year.  Also we only have two people working to input the weekly filings. That’s 1,200 filings each week that they have to input and in addition, they try to catch up on previous filings,” expressed Ueki.

“But we are pushing to catch up as fast as we can,” he added.  He said that the 2 employees inputting the weekly filings are working on weekends even though they are not being paid for those hours.  “They don’t have to come in on weekends but they do because they want to help.”

Asked why they don’t hire other people to help expedite the work, Ueki said that they are looking into it but it requires announcement period before they can hire, and this takes time.

“We have 3 people actually but one is dedicated to filing directly with US Department of Labor so we only have 2 people inputting the weekly filings but we are doing our best to expedite the work because we know people really need the money,” assured Ueki.

One of the issues contributing to delay of payments is incomplete filings from PUA recipients.  When someone files an incomplete report, it is usually set aside while workers file ones that are completed.  Interim director said that this was one of the reasons some people’s payments get delayed.  “It would expedite the process if there was an online filing by the applicant but unfortunately we don’t have that so this process takes more time.”

The reported 10-day delay that occurred due to temporary office closure on June 22nd, is in addition to delays that accrued from the previous operation. 

WIOA office assured that payments will be coming to the PUA recipients although delays are expected.

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