Police marijuana bust in Peliliu yesterday yielded over 365 marijuana plants and $18,000 USD.

Law enforcement yesterday busted a marijuana operation in a Peleliu residence, seizing 635 marijuana plants, 136 joints and a little over $18,000 cash according to information from the Bureau of Public Safety. The marijuana plants weighed around 250 lbs. and have an estimated retail value of over $400,000 USD.
Arrest warrants were being processed for the four suspected Bangladeshi nationals as this publication went to print.
Yesterday, police also seized $687.76 plus five joints from LM3 Store in Koror, which they say are believed to have come from the same residence in Peleliu.
Reports of Bangladeshi nationals farming marijuana in Peleliu and selling them at outlets in Koror led to a police investigation that resulted in yesterday’s raid.
As of publication time, the name or names of the employers of the four suspected Bangladeshi nationals were still unknown.
Bangladeshi nationals are usually hired to fill menial jobs such as farmers, houseboys, maintenance and construction work. Some have successfully taken over small retail stores under the names of their employers or work independently from their employers. They form the second largest contracted foreign labor force in Palau next to Philippine nationals.

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