Typhoon Surigae

Typhoon Surigae’s damage to infrastructure and public utilities reached an estimated $4.8 million, based on the Immediate and Near-term Response Plan submitted by the National Emergency Committee (NEC) to President Surangel Whipps Jr. last week,
The report estimates about US $4.8 million in damages across sectors of health, infrastructures, education, food security, community, residential dwellings, communications, and utilities.
“Most homes, public infrastructures, and vegetation were destroyed or severely damaged in various states. Livelihoods were disrupted, communications and utilities shut down, numerous families were evacuated to various shelters,’ the report stated.
The Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) stated that 150 homes were destroyed while a total of approximately1,000 homes sustained minor to major damages across the country.
NEC also identified priority areas that needed immediate assistance, including households that are damaged and the population with compromised public services such as electricity and water.
Over 300 people evacuated to schools in addition to the community centers and State Offices, the report said.
“No lives were lost, however, with such destructive winds, heavy rainfall, and storm surges, several states were significantly affected,” the plan stated.
The typhoon also damaged schools and destroyed major crops and livestock affecting food security.
Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) and Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) also sustained heavy losses from Typhoon Surigae, causing damages to equipment and materials.
NEC said the labor required to restore services is estimated at USD$1.1 million.
The National Emergency Management Office Palau Red Cross continues to provide affected families with NEMO a non-food item (NFIs) relief supplies and hygiene kits.
Palau has received help from foreign donors with the Taiwan government donating $1 million to aid repair of damaged facilities.
In a statement last week, President Whipps said the donation will help “support the improvement of damaged infrastructure in order to restore and revitalize local tourism. “
“The pandemic left Palau financially strained, but through the generosity of one of our biggest partners, Taiwan, Palau is expecting a full-speed recovery ahead. Reparation of damaged infrastructure and resumption of tourism will generate revenue to fuel the local economy, thus enabling our government to provide for our people’s needs and enabling our communities to provide a better experience for our tourists,’ the statement added.

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