On May 18, 2023, the Australian Tax Office delegation handed over a total of 11,500 business cards along with employee badges as a part of the ongoing twinning project between both tax administrations. Each staff member received their own unique business card and employee badge. 

Over the past year, the ATO has provided meaningful support to the Bureau of Revenue &

Taxation (BRT) in the preparation and implementation of the tax reform but also furthering BRT’s strategic goal towards the modernization of tax administration. The distribution of employee badges and business cards represents a significant step towards achieving this goal and fostering trust between the Palauan community and the Bureau of Revenue & Taxation.

Director Ikeda expresses his gratitude to the Australian Tax Office for their meaningful donation and invaluable assistance and partnership, contributing to the Bureau’s growth and continued capacity building to ensure we continue to uphold our commitment to our nation. 

The ATO delegation arrived on May 16, 2023, marking their fourth mission in Palau. Their primary focus during this visit is to provide essential support in analyzing and reviewing tax processes, developing institutional capacity, enhancing organizational branding, and contributing to policy development.

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