The Bureau of Customs & Border Protection has launched the training program for the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) as part of its ongoing modernization project in Palau. The implementation of the automated system will support enhanced management controls, thereby leading to improved revenue yield, encourage faster clearance times online for processing of import and export consignments, and provide timely and accurate trade data.

ASYCUDAWorld, a cutting-edge customs management system developed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) represents a significant milestone in automating customs procedures, poised to revolutionize the efficiency and effectiveness of customs operations. It will deliver substantial benefits to customs agents, freight forwarders, importers, exporters, shipping agents, carriers and other stakeholders engaged in international trade.
This ongoing training program is designed to ensure that all stakeholders are up-to-date with the latest customs procedures and regulations and can effectively utilize the ASYCUDAWorld system in their daily operations.
At this stage, the UNCTAD expert who is currently based in Palau and the dedicated ASYCUDA National Project Team will provide a comprehensive overview of the ASYCUDAWorld system as part of the training and participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the system’s functionalities, including system navigation, electronic manifest, declaration, and streamlined customs clearance processes. The on-going training being held at Customs includes interactive sessions, engaging discussions, and hands-on exercises to ensure a thorough understanding of the ASYCUDAWorld system.
The Director of the Bureau of Customs & Border Protection, Mr. John Tarkong Jr. highlighted that the ASYCUDAWorld system marks a significant step forward in the modernization efforts for Palau Customs. “We are excited to commence the training program, equipping customs stakeholders with the necessary skills to maximize the benefits of this advanced system. By staying updated with the latest customs procedures, stakeholders can enhance their operational efficiency and contribute to smoother international trade,” Mr. Tarkong Jr. added. It is also anticipated that in line with this project, the Customs Act that is currently pending at OEK will be passed in order to compliment the ongoing work under this project and allow Customs brokers to benefit by allowing them direct trader input and open access through electronic data interchange links with the automated system.
The National Project Manager Ms. Joline Spesungel is confident that the training program will empower stakeholders and enable them to leverage the full potential of the ASYCUDAWorld system. “By investing in their professional development, we aim to promote trade facilitation and strengthen our commitment to delivering efficient customs solutions,” she said.
The roll-out of the system in Palau is part of the European Union (EU) funded Improving Pacific Islands Customs and Trade (IMPACT) project to modernize customs administration and facilitate trade within the region. The implementation of the IMPACT project signifies Palau’s commitment to strengthening trade capabilities and fostering economic growth while promoting seamless trade connectivity with other Pacific States and EU’s 27 Member States.
The training program will continue until the live rollout of the ASYCUDAWorld system which is expected to take place by August of this year.

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