Seven (7) Red Cross Employees have been selected to represent the Palau Red Cross Youth Council. The individuals are Bedochl Macauley Yobech, Kenton Mongami, Andrea Anastacio, Jason Tammed, Brandon Mengloi, Mason Rengechel, and Ryson Elijah Sokau.

The selection of the following officers was through popular vote that took place on Thursday October 29th.

Mr. Yobech serves as Chairman of the council, while Mr. Mongami was voted as the Vice-Chairman, Ms. Anastacio was picked to be the Secretary/Treasurer of the council, then Mr. Tammed was selected to be the Disaster Management Youth Coordinator, Mr. Mengloi was chosen to be the Pledge 25 Youth Coordinator, while Mr. Rengechel was chosen to become the Health and Social Services Youth Coordinator, and Mr. Sokau got voted to be the First Aid and CPR Youth Coordinator.

Initially starting off as volunteers during the month of April then becoming members of the Red Cross Youth Council, each members of the council are feeling excited about the new opportunity that has been given to them.

They also mentioned that they want to be a positive influence and show what Palau Red Cross Society has to offer for the youth.

Palau Red Cross Executive Director Maireng Sengebau she is very happy and according to their Facebook page, the youth have greatly contributed to the expansion of Red Cross services.

They have also got support from the public through Facebook shares, comments, and likes. They will be holding an official coronation ceremony this month. 

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