Palau had 71 million dollars outside grants budget remaining to fund ongoing programs and projects in the Republic at the end of FY 2021, September 30.

The 71 million is the remaining balance of $201 million outside grants approved for FY 2018 to September 30, 2021.  This amount does not include any grant moneys received or approved after September 30.

The outside grant monies are not included in each year’s unified budget amount but are in addition to each year’s operating budget.

The sources of grants include allied countries, regional agencies, United Nations agencies, and partners.  The United States federal grants contributed over 68% of the total grant funding during the period amounting to 135.9 million dollars.  Of this amount, 95 million has been expended and 40.9 million is still being implemented.

According to the Ministry of Finance 4th Quarter 2021 report, the Ministry of Health and Human Services received the largest share of over 41.4 million from the US Department of Health & Human Services.  The large amount reflected the pandemic assistance provided by the United States. As a result of the pandemic, the US Department of Labor’s federal grants exceeded 34.4 million, of which 32 million went to pandemic unemployment assistance.  This amount does not reflect any other grant received after September 30.

Republic of China Taiwan’s grants totaling 37.7 million covered numerous capital improvement projects and programs.  Of this amount, 31.3 million has been expended as of September 30. The amount only reflects grants received and expended before September 30.

Other external grants from allies, UN agencies, and partners totaled 27.4 million dollars.  20.5 million has been expended while 6.9 million continue to be implemented. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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