Todd Ngiramengior tops the list at Ngchesar State’s 11th General Election for 9 council members, last Friday, November 26, 2021.  Incumbent councilwoman Isebong Saitao was behind Ngiramengior with one vote difference.

Current Governor Florencio Adelbai fell out of the top 9 list, dropping three spots down at number 12.

Other 7 that made the list include Martha Rechelluul, Jackson Dokdok, Chubby Mai, Marcello Ngirkelau, Percy Rechelluul, Duane Hideo (former governor), and Carlos Wasisang. 

There is a narrow margin between numbers 8 (Duane Hideo), 9 (Carlos Wasisang), 10 (Priscilla Siangeldeb), and 11 (Feliciano Watanabe) that can be changed after the 21 absentee ballots and confined votes are counted.

Ngchesar State Government, the only parliamentarian style system of government within Palau, elects 9 council members or representatives.  The 9 elected members join their 10 traditional hamlet chiefs to create a Ngchesar State Council.  The Council elects from among the elected members the next governor of Ngchesar State. (By: L.N. Reklai)

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