The 8th Airai State government took office yesterday at the formal inauguration ceremony held at Airai State.

New leadership sworn include Governor Tmewang Rengulbai who is now entering his 4th term as governor of Airai State.  Clinton Freese is the new Speaker, Vice Speaker is Helena Yoichi Arurang and the Floor Leader is Sano Sakurai.

Other legislators that took their seats are Stephanie Ngirchoimei, Leo Ben Teriong, David Orrukem, O’Dear C. Yobech, Sano Sakurai, Ralphy Kanai, Sherman Daniel and Peter Adelbai representatives at large.  Hamlet representatives are Richard Rihart Rechirei, Ricky Rubario Simeon, Kimberly Elarionoff Clive Telei and Clarence Kitalong.