A Palauan single mom had moved to Palau a few years ago with her two kids for the purpose of taking care of her mother. After settling herself, she put her kids through school and worked to raise her kids whilst taking care of her mother.

After her kids finished high school and her mother had passed, while living in her mother’s home decided she wanted to build her home so her kids have a place to come back to when they come home.

“I had applied at Palau Housing about a year ago and decided I needed to build my home and have place my kids can come back to if they ever decided to return, I lived at my mother’s old home and after one year my house was approved, built and ready to move into.”

Palau Housing gave her an application to fill and if she met the requirements she would then pay the application fee and Palau housing would proceed with construction.

“After filling the requirements, it had taken less than 90 days to approve and proceed with construction,” she explained

“Overall cost of filling Palau Housing Application is about $200 and that goes for obtaining those permits along with the application fee” said the lady.

“After my application was approved by Palau Housing, they gave me a loan that matched my income. The loan requires the applicant to have worked at least two years and the land that they plan to build a house whether leased or owned must be under their name.”

“This is an amazing package deal where the houses designs are energy saving with air ventilation and all meet the U.S standards and all I have to do is pay a monthly mortgage to pay off the loan.”

She said that she did not have a hard time applying and believes that part of that is because she had shown kindness and patience when applying at different ministries. 

“Saying thank you and acknowledging people by remembering their names can go a long way when you need these people to help you. I had waited about a week for one of my permits to be approved and I made sure every time I called back, I would always kindly ask. In less than two weeks I received my permit. I think that’s what made this project take only a year to do.” said the lady who shared her story to show to encourage people thinking of building homes to come back to.

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