Court denied former President Tommy Remengesau Jr.’s motion for Revocation of Fine and ordered to show cause, to explain why he defaulted on payment of fine imposed by the court.

Special Prosecutor April Dawn Cripps filed a motion in court in May for an order to show cause as to why former President Tommy Remengesau Jr. non-payment of fines “should not be treated as contumacious”.

Remengesau through his attorney filed a motion for “revocation of unpaid portion of the fine” pending a review, that the fine imposed “is unconstitutional and excessive pursuant to Article IV, Section 10 of the Republic of Palau Constitution.”

In a court issued this week, Justice Salii denied Remengesau’s motion saying that the Appellate Court decision upheld the sentencing order and the motion to revoke “is asking the Trial Court to overrule the Court’s decision.”

The court further stated that asking the Trial Court to review the merits of the “unconstitutional sentencing” is “tantamount to this court reviewing the decision of an Appellate court, which this court cannot do.”

Court ordered Remengesau to appear in a hearing to show cause as why his defaulted payment should not be treated as “contumacious” by August 9.

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