A huge new location of over 200 luxury villas, covering 25 acres of property in Airai State will start construction very soon.

Grand Palace Villa Park will have 250 luxury villas and will contain high-end amenities, according to owner George Cheng during the ground-breaking ceremony of the new luxury resort on Sept. 26.


Cheng, a Taiwanese-Canadian businessman said that he have been inspired to build the hotel in Palau because of the country’s potential for growth.

He also said compared to the other parts of the world, he believes that his investment will be safe in Palau where people are friendly.

Cheng said among the amenities of the new luxury villas are swimming pools and  a wedding church.

He also said he aims to open the property to locals once it is finished. It will however aim for high –end tourists to align with the government policies of attracting high-value and low impact tourism.

Cheng also said the resort will be hiring locals as its employees and will also contribute to the Airai State by making a donation of $10,000 for scholarships for students from Airai.

Airai State Govenor Tmewang Rengulbai graced the event in support of the new large scale investment in the state.

Cheng said he expects the construction to begin within the year and continue on until the entire project is finished. (B. Carreon) [/restrict]