The Ministry of Justice has increased foot patrols and police visibility on the streets and hamlets especially at night. He had also initiated regular police patrols into the Babeldaob States utilizing officers stationed on Babeldaob substations.


Vice President and Minister of Justice Raynold Oilouch said that foot patrol officers are expected to keep the street safer and help curb crimes.

Oilouch said the hiring of more police officers have added to the uniformed police officers presence in hamlets to decrease crimes such as break ins and disorderly conducts.

Oilouch however said to better beef up foot patrols and the police presence, he is hoping that they can have  more officers in the bureau so that the public will see more cops in the streets.

He added that he also wanted to increase and hire more police officers in Babeldaob and other states in Palau.

Based on the police blotters, routine patrols also helped police arrest individuals involved in incidents of DUI , negligent driving and disorderly conduct.

According to the Division of Patrol statistics as of September 20 to 26,  police was able to respond to 17 cases of disorderly conduct,  five cases of assault, four traffic accidents, two thefts, two human trafficking cases , one case of property damage and two cases of violation of Family Protection Act. (By: B. Carreon) [/restrict]